An Ad Agency was looking to do a mailing to all of the Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Manhattan, to market office space that was for lease in a new building that was in the process of being built

Our first flight focused on the arrival of the steel at eleven times square. This was remarkable for two reasons – one reason is that apparently the steel is the most expensive element of the building and it arriving at the site meant that building was definitely going forward. Also, it is very rare to build a commercial building without a tenant already signed on, and that is what eleven times square is doing. So the delivery of the steel ensured to the market that the building is definitely being built.

The gift for the steel idea was the steel girder engraved with the broker’s name on the piece, as well as engraved with eleven times square. The mailing consisted of some brochures with information on the building for lease, as well as the Steel Girder, which sat as a very unique paperweight, as a constant reminder of the office space for lease.

The mailing was such a success that the girders were reordered, and held in stock, and were engraved with brokers names as needed.